Archiving a dormant Microsoft Team

How to archive a dormant Microsoft Team

You may find that you are no longer using a team, perhaps it has become dormant, a project has ended, or another Team has superseded it. Rather than leave a dormant Team in Team members listed Teams you can Archive them

Archived Teams can be restored along with the channels and associated data at a later date

Team owners can Archive a Team as well as anyone who has access to the Microsoft 365 Teams Admin centre

To archive a team if you are a team owner

Select the settings cog alongside Join or create a team

Locate the Team under the Active section and its ellipses

From the ellipses options select Archive team

Ensure you read the warning, you will see that you can “make the SharePoint site read-only for team members” ensuring it is still accessible

To restore an Archived Team, go to the settings cog again and locate the Team under the Archived category

Select the ellipses alongside the team name

And select restore team

The restored Team will initially appear under the Hidden Teams category

Click on the Team ellipses and select show

The Team will now appear in the main teams listing, moving out of the hidden Teams listing

When to archive a Team

Archive a team when it’s no longer active, but you want to keep it around for reference or to reactivate in the future. The conversations and files in the team become read-only once you archive it. You’ll still be able to search through it for stuff you need—you can even keep it as a favorite. Only team owners can archive and restore teams.

All of the team activity is frozen once the team is archived. No one will be able to start new conversations or reply to posts in a channel, add or remove channels, edit team settings, or add apps. As a team owner, you’ll still be able to add or remove members, update roles, and delete, renew, or restore an archived team.

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