Top Features in Microsoft Teams (43 – 49)

The best features in Microsoft teams (43-49)

43. Download meeting attendee list

Once a meeting has ended you can download an attendance report as an Excel csv. This will include the attendees full name, their email address, join and leave time, the time they were in the meeting and their role within the meeting

Additionally, the attendance report will include the meeting start and end times and the number of participants

You can also view a full meeting recap, click here to see how


44. Create meeting and set options from outlook

If you set up a Teams meeting in Outlook, you can amend the meeting settings before sending the invite to attendees

You can amend lobby settings, mute settings, whether attendees are able to present and whether to allow meeting chat and reactions

45. How many people can you have in a private chat?

You can have up to 250 people in a private chat in Microsoft Teams

46. Shortcuts to people you talk to frequently

If you have private chat with the same people regularly you can create a shortcut to that person in chat by Pinning them

47. Search for files

If you save files in Microsoft 365, SharePoint and One Drive finding them has never been easier. You can do this directly from teams even if they have not been saved in teams and you haven’t accessed the files for a long time

48. Delete and restore Team Channels

If you have dormant Channels within a team, they can be deleted and restored at a later date if need be

49. Team insight usage

You can gain insights into Team usage via the Team analytics. This will include how many Team users, Posts, Replies, Mentions, Reactions, Apps being used and SharePoint file storage

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