Top Features in Microsoft Teams (50 – 56)

The best features in Microsoft Teams

Continuing our theme of the top features in Microsoft teams, and there are many

Translate a conversation

Did you know that messages can be translated in a Team channel conversation? Simply hover your cursor over the conversation and then select the ellipses on the emoji toolbar

You will then see the translate options in the menu

Ask suppliers and customers to send emails directly to a Channel 

Every Channel in a Team has its own email address. So rather than ask your suppliers, customers or clients to email every team member in the hope that someone responds to the email and actions it why not ask them to send emails to a Channel and Tam members can action it accordingly.

To locate the Channel email address simply click on the Channel Ellipses alongside the Channel name

Select get email address and then copy the address and send to the relevant people

Recover unsaved files

This is an absolute life saver and it’s amazing how few people know it exists. If you are creating an Excel workbook, PowerPoint presentation or new Word document and it has not been saved you will not loose anything. If your laptops runs out of battery power, if you use a desktop and have a power cut, even if you accidently click don’t save whilst closing the file you can still recover all your work, here’s how.

To restore an unsaved Excel workbook open any Excel workbook and go to the file tab on the ribbon

Select open

And at the foot of your screen you will see recover unsaved workbooks

When you click on this you will see all excel workbooks that you can restore

Simply open the one you want to restore and click Save as. Unsaved workbooks are retained for a few days on your PC.

Forward an email you have received to a Channel

If you have received an email that is relevant to all Team members rather than inundate them with more emails you can Share the email to Team Channels

Selecting the appropriate Team and Channel and adding your own message

View previous versions of a file whilst it is open

If you want to view an earlier version of a file whilst it is still open, click on the name of the file and select Version History

You can then view any previous version for the Version History Pane

Discuss the contents of a specific cell in Excel

When collaborating in Excel you may want to query a figure in a specific cell, to do this you can use Comments

With the workbook open in Teams select comments

Ensure you are in the appropriate cell and select New

Add your comment and mention any who needs to be made aware of the comment – they will receive an email notifying them that they have been mentioned

You’ll see the comment mentions the specific cell it relates to. The person you mentioned can reply to you comment and thus begin a conversation

Keep in Microsoft Teams meeting notes in one place

If you create meeting in Team Channels you can ensure all meeting notes are kept in one place by using the Wiki tab in Teams

Wiki page are broken down into Pages, Sections and contents

Meeting notes can be taken whilst the meeting is in progress