Two fantastic new features in Excel

New excel features to use when working on the same Excel workbook

Microsoft continue to improve Excel monthly for those with a Microsoft 365 licence. Two recent features for those using Excel workbooks stored in SharePoint, One Drive or Teams are must use features for collaboration.

Imagine two, three or more of your colleagues are using the same Excel workbook and filtering the same table in the workbook. Historically only one of you will be able to filter and view the data you want to see. Others would have to wait leading to copies being taken of the workbook and then uncertainty as to which is the master workbook.

Sheet View allows multiple people to filter the same table simultaneously.

Simply create your own filtered view giving it a clear and distinctive name whilst others create their views

If someone adds additional records to the table whilst you are looking at your view you will see them being added. Simply go to the data tab on the ribbon and click reapply. This will reapply your Filtered sheet view

Sheet view can also be used when lists have been formatted as Tables

The second feature recently added to Excel is the ability to Show Changes to Workbook

If you want to view the most recent changes to an excel workbook it must be open in either Microsoft Teams or SharePoint. On the review tab of the ribbon select Show changes

You will then see a pane open on the right-hand side of Excel showing you the recent changes made.

This list of changes can be filtered to show changes to a specific range of sheet within the workbook

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