What are the different roles in a Team

Each Microsoft Team has three roles available

In this article we look at how to find and change the roles of Team members

In Microsoft Teams you have Three roles:

Owner – Owners are generally the Team creators. They manage certain settings within the team and deal with administrative tasks. You should ALWAYS have more than one owner of a team

Members – Members are people from your organisation who have been added to a Team

Guests – Guests are people from outside your organisation and will have fewer capabilities than Owners and members

When the Team is set up and members are added to the Team they will be a member by default but their roles can be changed at any time by a Team Owner

As soon as a new Team is created you are prompted to add Team members. Their role will be a Team member to start with but it can be changed at this stage

A Team member can be changed to a Team Owner and a Team Owner can be changed to a Team member.

Both these changes must be undertaken by a Team Owner

To change member roles firstly select the name of your team and click on the Team Ellipses. In the menu select Manage Team

Ensure you can see the full list of Team members and Guests by expanding the list

Once you see a full list of all Team members and Guests you will see each person role located to the right of their name.

Here there roles can be changed by the Team owner

Team owners, Team members and Team guests all have different capabilities within a Team, this article provides details as to these capabilities

Team owner, member, and guest capabilities in Teams


Every Team must always have a Team Owner. In case a Team owner is absent or leaves an organisation you should always have a least two team owners, preferably more.

Team owners can further change Team member and Team Guest permissions

Firstly click on the Team ellipses and select Manage Team

Go to the Settings Tab

Here you can change the Microsoft Team member permissions

And change the Microsoft Team Guest permissions

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